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Nuclear Energy Application

  • Nuclear Energy Application

With the cooperation of a nuclear energy research institute, Shaanxi Zhituo has developed two prototypes with different architectural structures of industrial grade supercutical fluid PCHE. These PCHEs are 50 kW class heat exchangers that can work under over 30 MPa, 650 ºC.These PCHEs are the promising replacement of the conventional tube and shell pressurized water reactor steam generator, which are the key technology of the supercritical fluid power system and the heat exchange equipment of the next generation nuclear system.  Compared with the conventional shell and tube heat exchanger or plate heat exchanger, industrial grade supercritical fluid PCHE has reduced the volume and weight to 1/5 ~ 1/15, together with higher working temperature, pressure and efficiency. Therefore, PCHEs has great potential in the applications in marine nuclear power platform.