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Thermal Design

         The injection molding production cycle consists of mold close stage, filling stage, packing stage, cooling stage, mold open/ejection stage and supporting stage. The cooling stage takes 40% of the whole production cycle time. Hence improving the cooling efficiency can shortening the production cycle. Conformal cooling channel is a cooling passageway that is arranged at certain distance from the surface of the mold cavity and follows the shape, profile or structure of the mold cavity. Compared with conventional cooling method, conformal cooling method shortens the production cycle by 20%, and reduces the deformation of the injection parts by 15%.


There are five technological advantage for fabricating conformal cooling channel with diffusion bonding method.

(1)  Conformal cooling channel design and fabrication based on any complex shapes, structures and cooling requirements of products.
(2)  Improving dimensional accuracy and product quality of injection parts.
(3)  Reducing injection molding production cycle, enhancing production efficiency, reducing cost.
(4)  Improving product quality, lowering reject rate.
(5)  Extension the cooling area that conventional cooling method cannot reach for complex shapes and structures.


Based on the actual needs of customers, Zhituo provides mold thermal design service, which contains several steps.

(1)  Construct 3D model of conformal cooling channel.
(2)  Optimize the conformal cooling channel structure through simulation of coupled thermal analysis of fluid flow and heat transfer.
(3)  Mechanical process and diffusion bond welding structures to form mold parts. Ensure the mold parts with build-in conformal cooling channels meet the dimensional requirements and use conditions.