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Company Profile

Shaanxi Zhituo Solid-State Additive Manufacturing Technology Company locates in the high-tech development zone of Weinan, Shaanxi province. It is a  high-tech enterprise focusing on solid-state additive manufacturing technology in China. It covers the fields of equipment development, technological innovation and product development. It has a strong team of talents consisting of doctors and masters graduated from famous overseas universities and "985" colleges, and experts from northwestern polytechnic university as technical consultants.

Concerning the international frontier of manufacturing technology and following the direction of "2025 intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, China manufacturing", Shaanxi Zhituo focuses on the development and spread of Solid-state additive manufacturing technology for highly integrated, high-efficiency, and complex structured parts. Now the company has been providing key technological services and products for the industries of aviation, aerospace, navigation, rail transportation, new energy vehicles, nuclear energy, solar energy, thermal power, petrochemical, electronic communication, injection mold, instrumentation and etc.